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Evangelism Story

More Precious Than Gold Tipo Mattner, one of our literature evangelists from the Western Unit in Fiji, had been working in the gold mining town of Vatukoula when she came to Mary's home. While canvassing Mary, her brother arrived from working in the goldmine and saw the Stampley Bible. This reminded him that his boss, Ben, the goldmine's head geologist, was looking for a Bible, so he said he would tell his boss. When he returned to work, he went and told Ben about the Bible and he immediately came and purchased it. Ben is a well known Australian who loves drinking and partying. Everyone in town who knows him was surprised at his purchase.

Mr Tupou was another mine worker who bought a Stampley Bible from Tipo. We showed the books to his wife, and she asked Tipo to return later to show her husband when he came home from work. When her husband saw the Bible, he said he wanted to pay cash for it on his next payday. So he requested his wife to cut down on her grocery expenses so he could purchase the Bible for himself as a Father's Day gift. Only in heaven will we witness the full result of these purchases. Yes! The Stampley Bible is much more precious than the gold in Fiji's own gold town.

Tipo has already delivered five Bibles and there are six more to go. - Peni Vula, Area Manager, Fiji

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