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Signs of the Times “No 1” Magazine Ruby Fruean is one of my valued customers. So far she has bought sets of Great Stories for Kids, Vital Facts for Boys Girls, Sammy Series, Family Medical Care, Less Stress, Train Up a Child and Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants.

Ruby is a businesswoman who helps run her husband's electronics equipment store, but she's never too busy to greet me with a smile whenever I visit her. She always takes the time to share how much benefit she is getting from the books.

On receiving copies of the Signs of the Times magazine for the first time, she phoned me a few days later. I realised she had called me during peak business hours and thought she wanted a book urgently! However, she sounded very excited as she told me that although she was very busy, she couldn't wait for my next visit to tell me how thrilled and impressed she was with our Signs magazine. In her own words she said, “I have read many religious magazines, but none has filled my spiritual hunger as much as does the Signs. I say it is a 'number one' church paper, so please continue to give me copies of this wonderful magazine.”

I say, “Praise the Lord for Signs! And to the editors, keep up the good work!” - Nese Suisala, Area Manager, Samoa

Please note: God calls the Catholic Church Babylon and the origin of Babylon and sun worship and paganism in the Catholic Church explains why. The reason for the Sabbath to Sunday change and our adversaries plan then becomes very clear. The number from the beast has amazing and almost lost information on how 666 came from Babylon and is now the number of a man. And the false secret rapture theory has deceived many on the truth of the second coming and is a must read. [law]

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